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Planck keyboard, part 2

So almost a year has passed by now and I’m still rockin’ my Planck keyboard, but a few things has changed since Planck keyboard, part 1 and I’ll try to go through those changes briefly.


My Planck keyboard was ordered from Drop and it came with an initial set of keycaps named Massdrop x OLKB Acute Ortholinear Keycap Set which worked out fine and was of type OEM. The OEM type was a good start I think and it also allowed me to flip the keycaps on the raise,lower, space and backspace buttons which made them easy to locate without watching.

However the OEM type is quite sharp to the touch and after a while I decided to look for an alternative and found a set of blank XDA type keycaps (PBT). I was a bit skeptic about going the complete blank route but the initial set of keycaps did not match 1:1 with my layout anyway, so why not I thought.

A blank set of keycaps proved to be a perfect fit, it did not take that long to get familiar with the new keycaps and the F and J keys stand out so it is really easy to locate the home row without watching. And the XDA type is feeling really great and it also looks kinda cute to be honest. The only downside to the blank keys is that my wife are now unable to login using my keyboard, but I think that is okey for now since I gave here a link to the sourcecode for my layout. ;-)


From time to time I do spend some hours on the couch after work with a laptop and it does not take long to realize how awesome ortholinear keyboards are. The wrists feels a lot more strained when using the laptop keyboard, so I guess I will have a look for a Framework laptop with an ortholinear keyboard in the near future.

Wrist rest

After about 6 months of daily use - as a programmer - I started to look for a wrist rest, since my Planck case is a high profile one. After some research I settled on a simple (custom made) wrist rest in wood made by LoHa Custom Design and as soon that was in place everything felt really smooth and no strain in wrists at all.

End result

Picture of my Planck with blank XDA keycaps and wooded wrist rest.


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