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My name is Eddie Ehlin and I happen to be a swedish {polyglot coder, coffee nerd, opensourcer, pentaxian} who also is a happily married husband and a proud father of one lovely little human being named Alice, whom enjoys crashing online meetings when I’m working from home.


When I’m not working I spend as much time as possible with my family and when time allows (i.e. Alice is asleep but that state is rare!) I try to spend some time on a few hobbies of mine, namely;

Most of my hobbies have been collecting dust the last three years or so though and weirdly enough it seems to correlate to when Alice was born. :-)

I’m also passionate about open {source, specifications} and have been so for as long I can remember. Whenever possible (almost always) I try to push for open solutions, regardless of context. In short, I’m a strong believer of all things open. For instance, I don’t see a difference from reading a recipe for a tasty loaf of bread and from reading the sourcecode for an awesome piece of software. Afterall it all boils down to a set of instructions that are to be executed and if I want raisins in my bread I should be able to add that.


Back, waaaay back, when I was deciding what to make of my little life I had two paths infront of me. One path was to go and become a chef and the other path was to make a hobby of mine since childhood my living and today I’m quite glad that I chose the latter which is programming stuff; cooking is today one of few things that makes me relax so I’m glad that became a hobby and not my profession of choice.

I’ve been interested in computers for like forever and such devices has always triggered a creative spot between my ears. The journey into programming began on an Amiga 500 with a whooping 150MB of harddrive. The code has pretty much been flowing since then and it keeps doing so even when I’m not infront of a computer. Weird? No I don’t think so, since solutions to problems seems to popup whenever wherever and that is great! I also have quite a decent memory (for keeping interesting things) and that is very handy for storing these solutions that are popping up.


Feel free to shoot me an email at eddiex@eddiex.se.

May the source be with you,


A photo of me taking a photograph, or at least trying to.