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Working from home

After I had started to work from home I quickly realized that my current keyboard was not that pleasant to use through work hours and private hours, so I decided to look for an upgrade. I’d heard about ortholinear keyboards and seen some that looked interesting but I never taken the time nor steps to investigate those further.

After some digging I came to the conclusion that I would want a keyboard that was putting up a good typing experience but also to be practical (both in size, configurability and most importantly longevity). Not long after that I saw that Planck was available, again, on Drop.com so I quickly got on that train since it was quite a good deal. Now was there one last thing to figure out and that was key switches.

The premise I had for the key switches was to revisit the joy of typing on the Amiga which had smooth linear style key switches that were not that hard to activate. After some time, using a key switch tester, I settled on Kailh Box Black which are linear switches but a bit harder to activate than the regular red ones.

So in short, a new keyboard was soon to be built using;


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